Get Out the Vote in Oakland!

It's the final Get Out the Vote push! Join a GOTV phone bank in Oakland, multiple dates between now and Election Day! Join us at East Bay for Everyone, a collaborative setting in downtown Oakland, where we'll be making calls to help flip the House on November 6! Co-hosted by Commit to Flip Blue and Democracy Action. 

We'll be calling to flip CA congressional districts (Josh Harder CA-10, TJ Cox CA-21, Jessica Morse CA-4, and Andrew Janz CA-22), plus we'll make calls to help tight CA and Senate races around the country. On the final four days leading up to Election Day, November 3-6, we'll start early to make calls into Georgia for Stacey Abrams and Florida for Andrew Gillum. Click on the links below to RSVP for a shift. No experience necessary.

Please bring your charged cell phone AND your laptop, iPad or tablet, plus earbuds with a mic for the best experience...and a snack to share.

East Bay for Everyone
2044 Franklin St., Oakland, CA 94612

Tuesday, October 30, 4-7pm

Thursday, November 1, 4-7pm

Saturday, November 3, 6am-9pm

Sunday, November 4, 6am-9pm

Monday, November 5, 6am-9pm

Tuesday, November 6, 6am-9pm

Questions? Email Annemarie at


Get Out the Vote! Phone bank in Rossmoor!

Help us Flip the House! Join a GOTV phone bank in Rossmoor on the following dates: October 20-21, October 27-28, and November 3-6. Click on the links below to RSVP.

  • We are calling for four candidates: Jessica Morse CA-4, Josh Harder CA-10, TJ Cox CA-21, and Andrew Janz CA-22. We are calling Democrats and identified voters to return their mailed ballots or get to the polls on Election Day!
  • We need everyone to step up (even if you have never called before or secretly hate to phone bank). Shifts are 3-4 hours with breaks.
  • Address: All phone banks are at Rossmoor Creekside Complex at 1010 Stanley Dollar Drive, Walnut Creek. Tell the Gate Security you are there for the Phone Bank.
  • Click on a shift below and you’ll be linked to an online signup page.
  • Contact: Diana Doughtie at
  • Please bring a fully charged laptop or tablet and your cell phone. Democracy is hard work and needs all of us.

October 20

October 21

October 27

October 28

November 3

November 4

November 5

November 6


RSVP here and let’s flip Congress blue! Questions? Contact Emily Blanck at

October 13:
CA-21, to Sanger
CA-22, to Fresno

October 27
CA-21, to Selma
CA-22, to Fresno

November 3
CA-21, to Sanger
CA-22, to Fresno

100 Days Until Election Day! Voter Registration is Now!

Registering new voters is a key factor in preserving our democracy. Young people coming up need to register. New citizens need to register. People moving in and out of cities, towns and rural areas need to re-register.

California is a growing state by at least 330,000 people per year (1). California has also passed new laws to encourage registration of all voters and young voters, such as the motor-voter law which automatically pre-registers all 16 and 17 year-olds when they receive their driver’s licenses (2).

Voter registration is also key to expanding the base of people who will vote for our great candidates.


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Team Blue Wave Contra Costa

Thank you to everyone who came to Team Blue Wave Contra Costa on July 14 where many organizations are joining together to flip blue. Thank you to everyone involved in making the event happen which includes the CD-21 Action Coalition, Central Labor Council, Commit to Flip Blue, OFA, Together We Will and others. With over 80 in attendance, we learned how to phone bank, text bank, postcard, and how to support on the ground canvassing and voter registration efforts. 

We also heard Valley Forward talk about their efforts to organize the Latino community in CD-21 and CD-22. Valley Forward is sending in organizers to do voter registration and education door-to-door.

We will win through voter contact and outreach. And, it is always more fun with friends. Come on out to an event and let’s ride the Blue Wave.

Packed house at the Team Blue Wave Contra Costa event on July 14.



Let's Create a Social Media Buzz...

One of the best ways to support your favorite candidate from home is by spreading their news on social media and creating a buzz about them online. Here are key steps you can take to amplify your campaigns’ posts and tweets on social media platforms:

1) Create a Facebook page and Twitter account if you don’t have one

2) “Like” your candidate’s Facebook page and “Follow” your candidate’s Twitter account (click through for links)

3) Start “sharing” your campaign’s posts and tweets on your pages so that your “friends” and others can see and share them.

4) When a post uses a hashtag, include that hashtag when you share or repost their content. This will help your candidate’s content begin “trending”, indicating to users that this is an important topic being talked about by many people right now. (click through for hashtags)

By sharing Facebook posts, retweeting or writing your own content and tagging/hashtagging your candidate and their campaign, together we can create a social media thunderclap every day to amplify the good news that these candidates stand for OUR American values. 

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With the Supreme Court Slipping Away, Our Votes in November Are All We Have Left 

*Message Marked Urgent 

With the Supreme Court Slipping Away, Our Votes in November Are All We Have Left 

Supreme Court Justice Kennedy is retiring, which leaves Trump to pick his successor. Trump has been clear he will pick a new justice to become the deciding vote that overturns Roe v. Wade and a woman’s constitutional right against forced pregnancy. This shift in the court will no doubt unleash a torrent of other catastrophic rulings that will come to bear on gay marriage, gun safety, immigration, voter suppression, Mueller’s investigation, what’s left of the Affordable Care Act, and the list goes on. 

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Take Action: Canvassing to Get Out the Vote for Andrew Janz in CA-22

by Jennifer Dees
“Yes, I’m voting for him,” the elderly woman said when I showed her campaign literature for Andrew Janz, Democratic candidate for Congress in CA-22, California’s congressional district 22, around Fresno. “I’m mad at my neighbor across the street because of that sign.” She motioned toward a sign to “Re-elect Devin Nunes,” the Republican incumbent in the district, whom Janz has vowed to “replace.”
Ashley Davis of Fresno speaks with a voter about the upcoming primary, and candidate for Congress, Andrew Janz.
“Oh, would you like an Andrew Janz sign?” I asked, and she eagerly accepted. I told her a volunteer would deliver and set up the sign for her, and left her smiling. The Janz signs already out-numbered the one Nunes sign in that north Fresno neighborhood, and by day’s end, we had quite a few more requests for Janz signs.
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News from CA-21

“Critical,” for who? 

Despite repeated requests CA-21’s David Valadao has not commented publicly on the 2018 Farm Bill, which could impact hundreds of  thousands of his constituents with harsh restrictions placed on access to the nation’s nutrition assistance program (SNAP).   

Among the restrictions being waved through the House, with only Republican votes, adults from ages 18 to 59 could be ineligible to  receive food stamps if they are not working 20 hours a week or participating in an approved training program.   

Described as a “critical component” of the Republican agenda by House Speaker Paul Ryan, the restrictions could affect approximately  467,000 participants in the four counties represented in whole or part by Valadao, according to the Modesto Bee.  

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“I Do Have the Power!” Reflections on a Postcard Party

By Sheffra A. Williams, Author

                     Flying With Two Wings:  Finding and Living Your Passion 

   “Love motivated me…more than…needs of Democrats in District 22…”

I lived in Concord; that postcard party was in Orinda. There were a lot of other things I could be doing, like that article I needed to finish writing for a client.   There I was, instead, on a Wednesday, mid-week, on my way to a get-out-the-vote activity sponsored by Commit to Flip Blue.  A person I care deeply for had recruited me to help out; he drove; I had time to think. I had to admit, love motivated me more than the needs of Central Valley Democrats in District 22.

I had already “done my share.” Earlier in the week, I volunteered a change in one of the postcard scripts shown to me to assure me how organized things would be. I immediately began to edit it. Rather than, “Vote for Andrew Janz,” as the beginning line, I changed it to read, “672 votes out of 228, 378 clinched the Democratic victory in Pennsylvania!”  The reader would be immediately placed in a winning story.

I had no clue that the story I told myself of who I was and the purpose for my life would expand exponentially that evening, or that I would write about that postcard party and remember it for the rest of my life.

Jackie Moreau, host of the event, greeted us warmly in her lovely home, and introduced us to five other participants seated at a table. Things appeared “benign,” if one views massive change as “upheaval,” getting a new pair of lenses, or like Plato’s description, “being blinded by the light. A centerpiece of tasty looking hor d’oeuvres was surrounded by postcards, a map of California printed on one side, and tools to personalize the cards, like colored highlighters and sheets of sparkly, multicolored, peel-off happy faces. Printed scripts could be customized, or I could write my own message. Guidelines provided structure. Incredibly well organized, I thought. 

                     “[Nunes] had a de facto narrative of the people in it…

                                          “Peasants in the feudal ages!“”



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