Our Mission

Our mission is to help democratic candidates take and defend Federal government seats across the US. 

  1. We will select races/candidates based on strategic opportunity and win-ability 
  2. We will partner with local community organizations and national organizations to ensure our efforts are targeted and effective
  3. We will coordinate volunteers to participate in phone banks, canvassing, social media and/or GOTV efforts to support our candidates

We are excited to announce our 2020 strategy! Our focus is to Flip the Senate and protect our hard-won California seats. So, what about the Presidency? Of course, we are going to do whatever it takes to get Trump out of office. However, we must flip the Senate in order to give the new President a legislature to work with. It’s all hands-on deck. You in? We are!!
What races will we focus on? The success of the 2020 election at all levels will depend on a broad coalition of all people of color, women, liberal whites, and millennial voters to claim power at the polls. We believe 2020 is the year to build the biggest coalition we have ever seen, and we are going to start right now.

Flip the Senate:

Arizona – we will register the youth vote, mobilize Latino voters by using skills built in the California races, re-registering minority voters that have been removed from voter files in AZ, CO, and Texas.

Colorado – we can flip this Senate seat in a reliably blue state

Texas – With the most electoral votes and rapidly changing demographics, this state gives us an outstanding opportunity to turn out the vote.

Protect and Expand the California House Seats:

CA CD-10: We need to help Josh Harder win.

CA CD-21: TJ Cox won by 800 votes. We need to help TJ win again in 2020.

Please join us as we work as hard as we possibly can to reverse the damaging effects of the last two years. It is our time now. Sign up to be a leader today!

Commit to Flip Blue, a Special Project of Flip the West



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