Patty Mitchell

Patty Mitchell

Advisor, Mentor, Strategy & Operations Consultant for businesses and non-profits focused on changing the world
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    With our many partners across the country, Commit To Democracy is going ALL IN TO Grow Our Majority in the House and Senate in 2022!

    We have our sights set on key Senate Seats + the House!

    We are working on our STRATEGY for 2022 -- more to come!

    • Let’s keeping registering the growing and crucial youth vote!
    • Let's register and mobilize Latino voters!
    • Let's re-register and re-engage minority voters being removed from voter files!

    With your support we will continue to protect and expand our majority in the House and the Senate!

    The success of the 2020/21 elections were the result of a broad coalition of people from different backgrounds, faiths, socio-economic spheres and generations that claimed OUR power at the polls.

    2022 is the year to build the biggest coalition we have ever seen! 

    2022 is the time to build the biggest coalition we have ever seen! 



  • Adventures In Postcaring: with VIcki Juditz

    Vicki Juditz, actress, comedian, and award-winning storyteller joined our last "to Victory" happy hour and shared her story of sending postcards to voters.



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    Tribute To Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    RBG knew what the word commitment meant to the very end.
    Her life, her work, and her commitment to democracy inspires us to go forward today, tomorrow and the next day.
    Please join us TODAY at to get out the vote.

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    Texting Illustration by Andrew Roberts of the New York Times from a 2018 article about the power of political texting. 

    This is our moment to create positive change!

    Our TEXT TEAM sent over 20 million TEXTS in the final two months leading up to the election. We are a group of volunteers from all over the country and even a few Expats from Europe who came together to GOTV.  Whether you were able to send 30 thousand texts or one million, you contributed to our Victory in 2020 and in Georgia in 2021!  Thank each and every one of you for the incredible accomplishment our team achieved.

    This is not the end.  This is the beginning of our work to continue to create a kinder, fairer, and more equal America. 

    As we plan for our future work and action, we will continue to text with Movement Labs and MoveOn.  We are ramping up our work to support key legislation, and promote candidates for House and Senate races in 2022.  The work continues NOW!  With your continued energy we are ready for the Next Steps!

    Keep your eyes on this space.  We will continue posting important events!

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    Latino Voter Outreach Project

    Latino Voter Outreach Project Working to Engage Voters

    Commit To Democracy's Latino Voter Outreach Project (LVOP) works to engage Latino Voters in the democratic process.  The focus LVOP is to reach out to Latino Voters in key districts to register, inform, and involve Latino voters to elect democrats to the House and  Senate and support critical legislation. 

    To achieve our goal, LVOP will be coordinating with on the ground Latino Groups to connect with voters in key districts through postcard writing, phone banks, canvassing, and texting campaigns. 

    A top priority for LVOP is to turn out the Latino vote in the mid-terms for Democrats!

    Join the valuable work of our team by signing up to get involved in our events.



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