Commit To Democracy

Formed after the 2016 election, Commit To Democracy (CTD), formerly known as Commit To Flip Blue, is a grassroots organization of volunteers committed to electing Democrats in the House, Senate, and the White House.  While we began with the DREAM of flipping the House Blue, we now have realized the victory of a democratic House, Senate, and the White House.  It is time for action forward leveraging the strength of the nationwide network of volunteer grassroots organizations we have built throughout the country. 

Our mission is to build a lasting culture of grassroots participation in electing Democrats to office by making it easy for everyone to maximize their impact on the races that matter the most.  With this mission as our focus, CTD is organizing, with fellow Democratic organizations across the country, to register and mobilize likely Democratic voters to win future elections.

Our strategy consists of a well-organized process for Phone Banking, Texting, and Postcard Writing. We have an extensive and easy to learn Virtual Training and Phone/Text Banking program where volunteers can be trained in Zoom Meetings and either work independently or join active virtual groups where volunteers can share ideas and ask questions as they phone, text, and write postcards.

In 2019, CTD officially joined Activate America, as a Special Project. This affiliation allows CTD to work as an independent organization while maintaining compliance with FEC guidelines within Flip the West's legal structure. To CTD, this partnership also means being able to coordinate more closely with one of our key partners on strategy, focus and fundraising to complete our important work while following standard government regulations.

All of our Phone Banking, Postcard Writing, Texting and Canvassing campaigns are chosen after careful review of the philosophy and direction of the campaign. We then coordinate and mobilize our volunteer strength and dedication to ensure these campaigns are successful!  Implementation of key democratic legislation and expanded majorities in the House and Senate will be achieved in 2022, if we all work together to REGISTER, EDUCATE, and MOBILIZE VOTERS!