The State of Colorado holds regularly scheduled state elections every two years; a state Primary Election in June and a General election in November. The June 30th primary selects the party candidates for the Senate. 

Online Registration
Online voter registration is available for all Colorado residents (

The Presidential primary is held in March; regular primary elections are held in June to select who will be the Party candidates for Senator.

Colorado Stats (Unregistered Voters)
16,960   Black
144,474 Hispanic
    7,791 Asian
     767  Native American

Thank you for considering to phone bank to help flip Colorado in 2020. Our Colorado phone program is currently focussed on engaging low propensity Dems and assisting with volunteer recruitment for Colorado Indivisible. Commit to Flip Blue and Flip the West is currently working to support Colorado Indivisible and many progressive groups working on the ground to flip the US Senate and advance the interests of working families in Colorado. 


Overview of the Colorado Phone Bank Program - Our goals are to flip Colorado’s Senate seat to Blue. To do this we are helping Colorado Indivisible Chapters to recruit volunteers to build their grassroot base. This is a two pronged effort:

Purpose #1: Volunteer Recruitment for local Indivisible Chapters in Colorado 

Purpose #2: Engaging Low Propensity Democrats for June 30th Senate Primary


Begin Making Phone Calls From Home:  We contact voters using a website called OpenVPB, which will provide you with voters' names and a script with what to say. You will use your phone to dial and talk to voters. So to phonebank, you’ll need to make sure you have a charged phone to make calls and a computer to get voter phone numbers and our script, which is also attached. Please note the following steps to get started:


Step 1 - Create an ActionID Account

- Please click the following actionID link to get started: 

Indivisible Colorado Phone Bank Link

- You may need to clean the cache on your browser if you have used Action ID before (it could remember your earlier campaign log in info)

Step 2 - Please Prepare & Review Script

Before you make your first call, review all of the features on the virtual phone bank script page. We recommend:

- Read the on-line script - Colorado Indivisible script ( please note that the script asks for emails, and you can put them in the comment box, or  just ask them to email [email protected])  Here is a form for you to use with the VoiceMail message, your tally sheet and Covid-19 Info for Colorado:TALLY SHEET AND COVID-19 INFO


- Practice the scripts with a partner prior to call.

- Preview the new response options by clicking on the responses in the pull-down choices for the additional choices and subtexts. 

- Test that the response options work and that you can open all of the response links for any additional choice


Step 3 - Colorado Knowledge

- Details on Colorado Indivisible: Colorado Indivisible Legislative successes 2019

- Details about Cory Gardner:    The LOWDOWN on Cory Gardener 

- Details on Colorado Election: : Colorado State elections Info


Step 4 - Call Time

Please note that ideal times to call would be weekends from (8am to 7pm PST) or weekdays (3pm to 7pm PST).


We thank you for all that you're doing, and we look forward to working with you to take back the White House and flip the U.S. Senate.


In Solidarity,

Emily Blanck, Graham Huey, Amy Huey, Karen Castle and Diana Doughtie - Your Phone Bank Team

Andrew Truman Kim

Field Director & Strategist

Flip the West |