Linda Carman

Linda Carman

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    Michael Moore, like Simon Rosenberg predicted that there would not be a Red Tsunami in 2022! He urged us all to keep on working to turn out the vote and he continually reminded us that there are more people in this country who believe in Democracy than those that don’t. 

    In 2023, Michel Moore created a podcast series called Blue Dots in a Red Sea. This series of 12 fifteen to twenty minute talks outline how we can change the minds of voters at the local community level through a powerful strategy of communication and engagement.

    Join us on March 1st to discuss the series and what it means to our work together. We will also upate you on our 2023 strategy and ways you can jump in to work for our Democracy!

    March 01, 2023 at 4:00pm
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    We at Commit to Democracy know that 2022 will be a tough year. We have to hold the House and expand the Senate in order to build for our country’s future. We must do this to continue passing legislation that will benefit the future of our families, our communities, and our entire nation. We must do this work to protect the democratic principles that our country was founded upon. Now is the time to step forward with a bold strategy and work to win.

    We can win! We have more volunteers than in other mid-term cycles, and we know how to organize. We won the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. We are not new to this work. Let’s start now by phone banking, texting, postcarding, and canvassing. We will win by using all these outreach efforts.
    We have more volunteers than in other mid-term cycles, and we know how to organize. We can Make the News. We can take the Narrative! Here's how!

    Our 2022 Strategy - Hold Blue Seats, Flip Open & Vulnerable Red Seats.

    Increase Our Majority & Create a Filibuster Proof Senate!

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    CTD is back to Canvassing as an important component of reaching out to voters. In 2022, we canvassed in the Central Valley, Roseville, Los Angeles, and Tracy for House Candidates. We learned, once again, how important direct voter to voter contact is and plan to expand our work in this area in the 2023/24 election cycle. 

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    You will join other VOLUNTEERS on Zoom and go to a break out room, either to receive training or to start making calls. Technical support will be available. Throughout our Phone Banks, you’re invited to meet your fellow phone bankers, share success stories, and provide us feedback.

    For most of our Phone Banks we will be using the automated dialer Callhub, which requires that you have a PC or MAC with audio functionality. It dials numbers for you through your computer; the voter sees a number with a local area code (not your phone number). Information on how to use CallHub will be included in our Confirmation email.

    Join us in this important work!

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    Special Events

    At Commit To Democracy we are dedicated to the expansion of our community of volunteers, increasing our collective knowledge of best practice strategies and sharing positive moments of learning and joy.  In the coming months we will be hosting a Book Club, Town Halls, Deep Dive Sessions on Current Topics, an On-Line Auction, and other purely fun virtual sessions.  Check out the opportunities and hope to see you there!

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    Postcards to Voters Program

    Postcards to Voters Program

    Thank you Postcard Writers! We completed our mission for the midterms. You have been the most dedicated and efficient writers ever! Together we wrote over 600K postcards for the 2022 Midterms! Together we did win! 

    We are on break until February 1st when we will launch our Postcards to Voters program for key State Elections. 

    Watch this Space!