Linda Carman

Linda Carman

  • published PHONE BANKS FOR DEMOCRACY in ALL EVENTS 2021-08-26 07:08:39 -0700

    Phone Bank for Democracy


    You will join other VOLUNTEERS on Zoom and go to a break out room, either to receive training or to start making calls. Technical support will be available. Throughout our Phone Banks, you’re invited to meet your fellow phone bankers, share success stories, and provide us feedback.

    For most of our Phone Banks we will be using the automated dialer Callhub, which requires that you have a PC or MAC with audio functionality. It dials numbers for you through your computer; the voter sees a number with a local area code (not your phone number). Information on how to use CallHub will be included in our Confirmation email.

    Join us in this important work!

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    Special Events

    At Commit To Democracy we are dedicated to the expansion of our community of volunteers, increasing our collective knowledge of best practice strategies and sharing positive moments of learning and joy.  In the coming months we will be hosting a Book Club, Town Halls, Deep Dive Sessions on Current Topics, an On-Line Auction, and other purely fun virtual sessions.  Check out the opportunities and hope to see you there!

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    Postcards to Voters Program

    Postcards to Voters Program

    Postcards to Voters is Commit to Flip Blue's program to continue reaching out to Voters nationwide to strengthen and restore our democracy.  We have learned together that citizenship is an ongoing responsibility and engaging Voters in the political process is the only means for establishing equitable representation and legislation that fosters a more fair and just America for All!  Staying in touch with our fellow citizens to maintain awareness, keep them informed on elections and important work in the congress, registering new voters, and GOTV initiatives is critical.  Our Postcard Program is unique in that within the San Francisco Bay Area we provide 5 different locations for Postcard pickup (Alamo, Orinda, Oakland, Clayton, and San Francisco).  We supply the cards, names, and script for you to write your fellow Americans.  We choose campaigns that are known to be effective and we provide all the support you need to be successful.  We hope you will join us in Reaching Out to America!

    Join the awesome Commit to Flip Blue Postcard Writers Team to promote awareness of how effective the Democrats have been in passing the Covid Relief Bill.  We are writing to voters in Nevada to ensure they are aware of the fact that NO Republicans voted for the Relief Bill and that their Demoratic Representative and Senator did! Continuing to promote and support the work of the Biden/Harris administration is paramount to building the momentum for expanding our majority in the House and Senate in 2022.   Join us in our postcard writing campaign to reach Nevada voters.  

    We are one of the only organizations that still supply postcards to writers.  We do that to keep overall costs down for everyone and to make writing more convenient.  Please note that we do ask for a donation to Commit to Flip Blue to cover the costs of the postcards:  $5 for every 100 postcards.  

    Ordering postcards is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  1.  Click on the link below and place your order.  2.  Pickup your order and complete the cards per the instructions.  3.  Mail your cards by the deadline and order more!

    Order Postcards here