Commit To Democracy Canvassing Launch

Commit  To Democracy is back in the business of canvassing for an important way to reach out to voters. The Central Valley is a major path to more Blue in the House in 2022. Closely located to the San Francisco Bay Area, where 100's of volunteers are able to travel up and back in a single day, the Central Valley is a great location to focus our canvassing efforts this year. 

Now that we are getting back to the ability to meet with voters where they live, we will be working to register voters, provide information on local democratic candidates, and ultimately to Get Out The Vote!

Join us for our Launch where we will discuss the opportunities, challenges, and potential impact of reviving this successful and rewarding campaign strategy. 

We will also be announcing our new CTD Canvass Leader and schedule of events for the upcoming months. We are also very excited to review our newly formed partnerships with other key organizations. There will be special guest speakers from CTD partner groups you won't want to miss!  Sign up now!


March 31, 2022 at 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Linda Carman

Will you come?

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