District CA-4 Jessica Morse

District CA-4 Jessica Morse


• She has genuine roots in Placer County where she now resides (unlike Tom McClintock who does not even live in his District). She is part of a family who has lived there for 5 generations with strong ties to the community.
• As a committed Outdoorswoman, she grew up fishing, hunting and hiking with her family in the Sierras. An avid backpacker, Jessica has hiked the entire length of CD-4, 500 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail from North of Tahoe to Mt. Whitney. From these experiences, she understands the importance of responsible forest management and fire prevention in her District as well as maintaining water quality and addressing drought situations.
• As the daughter of 2 school teachers, Jessica Morse attended public schools and places high value on education.
• Has spent her career serving our country. Jessica has worked for the State Department, USAID and was an advisor to the Admiral at US Pacific Command. During the Iraq War, she served as a civilian on the ground with our troops in the middle of a war zone.
• Jessica has more federal budget experience than many sitting members of Congress. She has managed billions of dollars in the global foreign aid budget at the State Department and later USAID. She has battled with the congressional appropriations committees to cut wasteful spending and improve aid effectiveness.


Jobs and the Economy
Jessica believes in lowering taxes for Middle Americans and is focused on growing small businesses. She is focused on connecting CD-4 to the modern economy through high-speed broadband, teaching the skills that new jobs demand, preserving a level playing field for small businesses and growing new industries (like clean energy jobs) that solve problems for people in the district.
Jessica believes every American deserves access to quality, affordable healthcare. She supports universal primary care, protection of pre-existing conditions and the expansion of rural providers. She will also focus on lowering the cost of prescription drugs and fighting for more transparency in the pricing of healthcare overall.
Older Americans
Ensure the long-term solvency of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Increase transportation options. Increase senior housing. Tie Social Security to seniors’ real expenses.
Jessica supports universal Pre-K and quality nutrition for children at schools along with making investments in modern classroom technology, vocational training and affordable higher education. She also supports higher teacher pay to attract and retain great educators, especially in underachieving rural areas.
Jessica recognizes the importance of tourism to the economy in her district and understands the need to protect public lands and the ski industry there. She places a high priority on fire prevention, clean energy and water purity. She believes in limiting emissions, taxing carbon and transitioning our country to a clean energy economy through solar and wind power.
Fire:     Fund proactive, strategic, and fiscally responsible fire prevention efforts.  Support selective, sustainable logging efforts. Partner with ranchers to coordinate grazing where vegetation control is most needed.
Water:  Protect clean water for rural communities.  Preserve local control over California water. Choose safe, cost-effective natural solutions to meet water needs.
National Security
Jessica will work to improve diplomatic relations with our allies, living up to commitments in nuclear security and climate change, and also advocating for democracy and human rights. She is committed to honoring our veterans with improved health care, job placement services, educational benefits and housing support.
Jessica believes in comprehensive immigration reform including a streamlined, modernized and simplified system that includes a path to permanent citizenship for all Dreamers. She also supports smarter border security and will work to reform our visa system to provide for vetted, legal immigration to protect our immigrant neighbors and the businesses (including construction and agriculture) that employ them.
Gun Safety
Jessica believes in responsible gun ownership. She wants to keep guns out of the wrong hands through universal background checks and ensuring that limits are placed on selling to people with criminal records and mental illness. She also wants to keep weapons of war out of our communities through a ban on assault rifles.

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