Phone Calls to AZ Young Voters

Arizona Young Voters need to VOTE! We sent postcards to 12K of Arizona Young Voters. We then texted them to VOTE and now we are calling them to make sure they have what they need to turn in their ballots and VOTE! This is the last step in our research project to evaluate the impact of 3 points of contact to Young Voters. We will be measuring the result of voter turnout for this group after our work to keep them informed of the importance of this election. Linda and other Postcard Leaders will be on the Zoom from 1 to 3 PM to train you on Call Hub and to make calls together. Let's make this Day of Action count and make a serious dent in the calls we need to make to AZ. We can do this! Just Turn Out! It's easy to call! And it is fun! 

November 02, 2022 at 1:00pm - 3pm
linda Carman

Will you come?