Volunteer Feature: Peter Harris

When asked: "What is your favorite part of volunteering with Commit to Flip Blue?", Peter Harris, a committed phone banking volunteer, replied: "The feeling that I am making a difference, rather than just complaining about things."

Love that!

Thank you to Peter for sharing a little about himself and his activism experience, and for phone banking!

Q: How long have you been involved with political activism? What was your first experience?
Peter: Phone banking for Barack Obama in 2007 and 2011

Q: What motivates you to volunteer as a political activist?
Peter: Love of our country and a desire to help bring out the best in it

Q: Do you have a quote or mantra that inspires you?
Peter: "Americans have a great advantage. To renew our unity we only need to remember our values. We have never been held together by blood or background. We are bound by things of the spirit, by shared commitments to common ideals." - George Bush, 7/11/2016

Q: What do you hope to accomplish in 2020? 
Peter: Begin the healing and re-building in our country.

Read on and be inspired by Peter's article about his activism.

Your Adrenaline Starts Flowing – You are Making a Difference
by Peter Harris

Your adrenaline starts flowing! The battle-ground states’ Virtual Phone Bank Program accessed through “Commit to Flip Blue” is dialing the next phone number on the list of registered Democrats, or low-propensity voters thought to be Democratic-leaning, or non-affiliated voters. Sometimes you get a disconnect message, or a hang-up as soon as you start talking. More often you get a leave-a-message prompt, or a live human being! 

You roughly follow the suggested script in quickly letting the person on the other end know you are a volunteer with a locally based group that supports the election of Democratic candidates. You are usually calling to remind them that they have or soon will receive a ballot in the mail, to remind them what their deadline is for submitting it, or to provide them with some locally based contacts in case they are not yet registered or have not received a ballot. If the person sounds receptive you also ask them if they want to be further contacted about being a volunteer like you are, and become part of the growing energy and momentum behind electing Democratic candidates. 

Most calls or left-messages last 30 seconds to a minute. At the end you thank them for listening to you and remind them again how important it is for them to vote. Sometimes there is a longer dialog. Then you hang up, and take a breath. 

You realize “Wow! My call to this person today may have resulted in a Democratic vote that otherwise would not have happened.” If that result is repeated only 5-10 times today during my two hour session of phone-banking for Commit to Flip Blue, and you multiply that by thousands of other volunteers who are making similar outreach phone calls today to voters in swing states. . . then. . . I MAY HAVE HELPED CHANGE THE WORLD TODAY!

Serving as a volunteer with Commit to Flip Blue to help Get-Out-The-Vote for Democratic candidates in the lead-up to the November 3, 2020 national elections has been truly an inspiring and gratifying experience for me. I began my volunteering with this excellent organization in November 2019, and the feeling of being involved in something vital and honorable, and most of all, effective, has been growing with each passing week. Now comes the really exciting period - the stretch run.

Probably the most important reason for my feelings of passion about being involved with this effort is the historic importance of this upcoming election. That’s often said about elections. But the importance of this one truly dwarfs all past elections in my lifetime of 74 years. Never has so much been at stake, literally the future of our country and its people, which I love so much – the country that saved my parents from Nazis, that allowed me to be born.

Democratic victories won’t guarantee all problems to be solved. But at least they will provide a strong opportunity to begin to stop the bleeding caused by the inhuman decisions, policies and actions of the current administration and ruling Party. It will give us a chance to begin to turn things around, to begin the healing and rebuilding.

Don’t just sit back and complain. Make a difference! Become part of something that you can feel good about, feel proud of, something that you can tell your kids and grandkids about that helped our country. 

You can join this effort.

Contact “Commit to Flip Blue” for more information at: https://www.committoflipblue.com/

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