Canvassing Training with Central Valley Workers Center

We flipped many House Seats Blue in 2018 due to our in person work in the Central Valley! Because of Covid, we did not have that same level of interaction with voters in the Central Valley in 2020! We must take back the seats we lost and add more blue seats in 2022 in the Central Valley!

We need volunteers like you to make that happen. Join the extraordinary work of the Central Valley Workers Center (CVWC) along with other CTD volunteers. CTD will be hosting a canvassing event with CVWC in District 22.  In this session our team will be trained on the basics of canvassing and some innovative techniques to reach out to voters and make a difference!

Join us for a refresher course or first time training! And, then let's make the Central Valley bluer!

April 14, 2022 at 4:00pm - 5pm

Will you come?

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