Thank You Volunteers!

Thank you for attending our appreciation party for all our wonderful volunteers this past Sunday in Lafayette! Without you, Commit to Flip Blue would be a great name only and not the dynamic, activist organization we have become! We won two of our four and plan to work to Flip more in 2020!

We need to defend our gains in CD 10 and CD 21 (Harder and Cox) and flip the seats in CD 22. 

Sheet of your accomplishments. Together we were amazing!  

All your work bore fruit. Now we need to gear up for the big fight, taking the Senate and the White House. Please consider stepping up and being a leader, leading a phone bank once a month, running a postcard bank once a month, help organize the buses to the central valley, help coordinate Spanish for activists classes and study sessions, help with the database or the website.  We will train you and support you. We need you!

Click here to sign up to be a leader.

Thank you again for believing in Commit to Flip Blue and for supporting our efforts to do just that - Flip the government Blue!

Enjoy CTFB slideshow!  

With gratitude,

Jackie Moreau and the C2FB steering committee

Maria Bernstein, Emily Blanck, Judith Brown, Diana Doughtie, Jennifer Dees, Margaret Hegge,  Annemarie Henning, Molly Hermes, Megan Lotter, David Rosen, Leah Scheibe, Reena Sekhon, Mary Trounstine, and Sheila Yeh