Virtual Spanish for Activists: Sat, July 25 1-3 PM

Spanish Class

Would you like to speak Spanish with voters when phone banking? Bienvenidos a Español para ActivistasCome join us online in learning Spanish phrases to help you when calling voters who prefer to speak in Spanish. This course is for volunteers with some Spanish, learned perhaps some time ago, who would like to refresh their knowledge or learn new vocabulary that is useful for talking about voting and election issues. Your Spanish doesn't have to be perfect or even very good. Good enough will work because additional support from more advanced Spanish speakers will be available when phone-banking. The Latinx community will appreciate your communicating in Spanish and it will make a difference. To enroll, please RSVP and tell your friends about it so they may also join. The class is limited to 14 people to make interaction in Spanish possible. We hope you can join but if you cannot at this time, know that it will be offered again in the future.

IMPORTANT: When you register please indicate how you rate your Spanish and what experience you’ve had with it, such as: you took classes in high school, college, or another venue; or you lived or traveled extensively in Spanish-speaking countries, etc.

Contributions are most welcome to help Commit to Flip Blue continue this and other activities.

You will need a laptop, desktop, or smart tablet for the training. We will send out materials for you to print prior to the session.
July 25, 2020 at 1pm - 3pm
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Will you come?

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