CTD Phone Bank (all times Pacific Time)

This summer and into the Fall, we will call for important State Legislative races that will make a huge difference in enacting laws at the State Level to protect abortion, lgbtqia+, and civil rights laws. Are you in? Because we are!!

Join us every Wednesday, where will be calling for two campaigns:

1) Virginia has their House of Delegates and State Senate races in the ODD years. We hope to gain back the majority in the House of Delegates that we held for 2 election cycles (2017, and 2019) and then lost in 2021. We need to flip 3 seats to take back control. We are making calls with Center for Common Ground, a non-partisan organization that works to turn out the vote among black and brown voters.

2) We will be calling for the ballot initiative in November to codify a woman's right to choose in the State Constitution. This campaign will start in September. Stay tuned.


October 04, 2023 at 3:00pm - 5pm
Molly Hermes

Will you come?