Democracy Text Team GOTV Text Bank: Saturdays 2PM PDT


We are READY to GOTV:  Join the Democracy Text Team Trainers & Leaders in the final weeks leading up to the Election to GOTV.  We have been ramping up and now we are ready to TEXT BANK. 

If you are a Resistance Labs or MoveOn Texter, join our Text Bank.  Our nationwide TEXT FORCE will work to send out One Million texts or even more together!  YES, we said One Million texts! We will be texting Democrats in 50 states to build momentum and mobilize the vote.  It's time.  We need to execute now to turn out the largest voter turnout possible.  Our future depends on it! This is our moment to create the change we seek.  

Text Banking is a time to pull together to reach a common goal, share stories, ask questions on texting, find out about upcoming activities and have some fun with Trivia and more. 

If you haven't texted  before, you can get trained here as well.  We will place you in a breakout session with a trainer for either Resistance Labs or MoveOn training.  

RSVP YES and be a part of the mobile canvassing machine we need to win! Email Linda Carman at [email protected] with any questions.

You will need a desktop, laptop or smart tablet to participate.  When you RSVP, instructions regarding what to do before the session will be provided as well as the Zoom Meeting link.  We offer training 5 days a week so please find a session that works for you today!

October 24, 2020 at 2:00pm - 4pm
Linda Carman ·
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