Author, Amy Tan Talks at Text Bank GOTV Marathon: Saturdays 2PM PDT

Special Guest: Author, AMY TAN Talks to GOTV TEXTING

We are READY to GOTV:  Join the Democracy Text Team to move into the next phase of our work to FLIP BLUE in 2020.  We have been ramping up and now we are ready to TEXT BANK. Amy Tan, renowned author of books such as The Joy Luck Club joins our session to tell her personal story of why this election is an important one for her and her family.  Come join Amy as she let's us readers into her heartfelt memories of her family and how they relate to many key issues of the day!  You will have a chance to share your thoughts as well in our session.  This is a rare opportunity and we hope you can join us for Amy's talk and for our Marathon Text Bank!  We are shooting for 2 million texts to GOTV this week!

If you are a MoveOn or Resistance Labs Texter, join our Text Bank.  Our nationwide TEXT FORCE will work to send out 2,000,000 texts or even more together!  YES, we said 2,000,000 texts! We will be texting Democrats in battleground states to build momentum and mobilize the vote.  It's time.  We need to execute now to turn out the largest voter turnout possible.  Our future depends on it! This is our moment to create the change we seek.  

Text Banking is a time to pull together to reach a common goal, share stories, ask questions on texting, find out about upcoming activities and have some fun with Trivia and more. 

If you haven't texted before, we will place you in a breakout session for training.  

RSVP YES and be a part of the mobile canvassing machine we need to win! Email Linda Carman at [email protected] with any questions.

You will need a desktop, laptop or smart tablet to participate.  Instructions regarding what to do before the session will be provided as well as the Zoom Meeting link the day prior to the bank.  

October 17, 2020 at 2:00pm - 4pm
Robert Sorensen Sherry Browner Detlef Adolff Liz Jordan Kim Perry Jessica Bowman Joyce Eichelberger Reyes Briones Ellen Hayenga Bob Frank Tom Hahn Sandy Emerson Danny Hirsch Percy Madamba Suzanne Gautier Cathi Duchon Patrick Nance Lindy Summers Pirkle Jenny Jensen Nan Tecotzky Gail Naftalin Sue McKinnon Lisa Grigsby Hilda Alexander Carol Bouchard Sharon Burke Sarah Davis Carol Kuelper Merideth Wieland Tanya Ahrendt Joanie Kerr Jeri Pederson Susan Bass Rod Williams Bobbie Offen Amy Goodspeed Kim Stokem Paul Ashba Milton Schueler Helen Belletti Sharon Roth Rebecca Sommer Christie Boyd Betty Olson-Jones Tom Carman Miranda Gabriel Carole Ryan Judith Propp

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